In this day and age where people are constantly looking at upskilling and workplaces require one to exhibit various competencies, the need for a lot of able talent is very high. This is where the need for vendors like Skillwise comes in.

Skillwise, with its different undertakings, gives various corporate solutions to companies enabling them to build a strong and skilled workforce. From recruiting and hiring apt members to honing and developing their skills in order to increase worth for both self and the company, Skillwise has a lot to offer.

Today, with few spaces as fast-developing as this, the technology industry requires a lot of skill-updation with highly skilled employees and efficient processes being a constant need. Skillwise Consulting, which has been certified with ISO 9001:2015, aims at training its corporate clients in technology and hard skills. This team offers core domain consulting services in the domains of Learning and Development, Project Implementation, and Process Design and Deployment.

Skillwise Consulting has mustered a competent group of subject matter experts in this field who have relevant qualifications and proficiencies. These consultants have decades of work experience in the industry and can be considered thought leaders in the space. By mapping these consultants with their corporate clients, the learning and development professionals of Skillwise ensure the companies’ corporate training needs in the concerned areas are met.

While technical skills are highly role-specific, there are some capabilities that all working professionals require. These competencies, broadly brought under the umbrella of soft skills, are attributes that enable employees to interact efficiently and work effectively with other people. Also certified with ISO 9001:2015, Skillwise Academy provides diverse skills required at the work-place through corporate workshops. The purpose of Skillwise Academy is to make better the manner clients’ employees handle day-to-day activities, interact and learn new tasks. It also helps find techniques of enhancing performance and being more productive.

In addition to working skills, Skillwise Academy also coaches corporate clients in a few industry-domain skills. These include banking, insurance, healthcare, retail and logistics, manufacturing, and telecom. The intention of these is to help participants get used to the procedures, tasks, and norms followed in their domain.

With communication skills and multi-lingual ability being a highly sought-after attribute in today’s global workplace, Skillwise Academy also offers services in these areas. In addition to English voice training, business communication, and grammar, the Academy also has professionals who train clients and help them learn various European and Asian languages.

For companies that often recruit fresh graduates, Skillwise Academy has a specialised project known as ‘Train and Hire services’. Though this project, Skillwise aids the company in finding apt freshers for their openings. In addition to finding, they also train the candidates so that time and resources of the client company are saved and they are not inconvenienced in the fresher’s transition from a student’s life to a professional’s life.

In a similar venture helping students, Skillwise Campus-In is a training and placement company specifically keeping in mind recent graduates from engineering, arts, and business educational institutions. It helps freshers bridge the gap between their capabilities and those that the corporate world requires. With both technical and soft skills training, Campus-In makes these freshers highly sought-after in the industry, and making their shift from campus to corporate much smoother.

Closing the list of Skillwise’s ventures would be Skillwise Staffing which is a recruitment and placement solution provider for corporates. Dealing with services such as both temporary and permanent recruitments, talented hiring, HR outsourcing, career development, and recruitment consulting, Skillwise Staffing makes the Staffing and Placements functions of their clients an easy process.

With the many services that they have to offer, Skillwise turns out to be an all-in-all talent solution provider to companies helping them smoothen their processes and have high-skilled, efficient workforces with immense productivity.

Skillwise boasts of a loyal clientele including some top names in various industries. Companies including Ernst and Young, Vodafone, CSC, HCL, Reliance Infrastructure, Standard Chartered, Amazon among many others have benefitted from and appreciated the services of Skillwise.

Virtual trainings, exhaustive assessments, and boot camp trainings are among the many potent amenities Skillwise offers that makes it a great choice for corporates. The tried and tested training and pedagogy methods employed assure great results.

Since its inception, Skillwise has remained the top choice for corporates because of its result-oriented approaches and immaculate quality standards.


Skillwise is an ethical learning organisation delivering quality corporate training globally at an affordable cost to increase the ROI of clients; and is socially committed to be a blessing by educating underprivileged children.


To collaborate with our clients to create and provide exceptional skill enhancing training that imparts learning services to their human capital, that transforms the clients core business by attracting, challenging, nurturing and retaining high calibre talent.



Our Success in the corporate world hasn’t allowed us to ignore those who are less fortunate than us. Skillwise and employees of the company, is dedicated to making lives brighter. We offers scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to children whose educational opportunities are limited. We have initiated schemes to sponsor children. We run events in villages and encourage rural empowerment. Skillwise is constantly looking for ways to help make the world a better place.

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