It is a small classroom in the local corporation school. The walls are brightly coloured with different educational charts stuck on them. The children are energetic and very bright. They great you with a loud cheer and a million-dollar smile. Like any other ten-year old, they are extremely inquisitive and have great dreams. But how many of them would get a chance to achieve theirs?

One of the darker truths about our world is that not everybody gets the same kind of opportunities. The family, society, place one is born into limits the prospects for them in a significant way. When this happens, particularly with children, they are not able to reach the potential that they are capable of. Realising that a child may not be achieving the heights they can because of the lack of an opportunity is heart-wrenching.

But this is the bitter truth for many children coming from underprivileged backgrounds in India. Their families may not have the resources to give them the support they need. As a result of belonging to the lower-strata of income groups, these children do not get to go to reputed schools or enter environments in which they can grow. But the potential of these children is immense. They have the same ideas, intelligence, creativity and ambitions as any other child.

It is on the society and ones who are more privileged to balance this and help these children reach the heights that they are capable of. Understanding this, Skillwise runs a program under the vertical of Skillwise Foundation where employees of the organisation teach spoken English and build other skill-sets among students of a nearby corporation school. These children, coming from underprivileged backgrounds do not get the chance to learn talking in English or other soft-skills that would help them in the outside world.

When one interacts with these students, they can easily understand how smart and talented they are. They have quick with their answers, big dreams and plans of going about them. With a little guidance, these children would be able to touch the skies. In fact, a high school student from the same school has already gotten close to that. He has been chosen by a program to pay a visit to the official NASA station.

Learning to converse in English is an important step as even though one may resist it, English is becoming a universal language and increasingly being used everywhere in the professional world. A strong sense of the language’s vocabulary, grammar and sentence structuring would break many barriers for the child. There are also other skills, apart from theoretical knowledge, that help a person in the real world. Working in teams, communicating effectively, time management, handling conflict, etc are better when cultivated at a young age.

Skillwise Foundation, by developing the child in a wholesome manner, has taken the first important steps in ensuring a better future for these children.

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