The Language Proficiency skills training help participants to upgrade themselves to learning new language skills. These courses help working professionals perform well in overseas assignments by learning the language and culture of the country they are posted in or assigned to manage. The courses designed to suit the different needs.

Skillwise Academy has the English series workshops which provides selective training based on the job requirement. Business communication, conversation skills, grammar, written and oral communication english are more generic, but courses on Accent neutralisation and US UK accent training are very specialised workshops.

In the foreign languages section, we provide training in popular asian and european languages. Under each language training, there is a “Comfort Level Course” for beginners who want to get to a level of comfort in being in a foreign country and the “Smart Level Course” for those who want to become proficient in a new language. We provide these courses for learning Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The Skillwise Learning Model provides an effective, consistent, high-quality training, where the learning model provides instructors with a proven methodology for imparting skills and impacting lives. The sessions are self-paced with focused towards one-on-one support. Our extended learning emphasises, that you will be spending more time on hand’s on sessions and less time in theory.